Research Interests

Self-interest bias in moral judgment

morality and justice, social judgment and decision making

Together with Professor Wojciszke we argue that moral judgments are biased by the perceiver’s selfishness. It means that persons acting for the perceiver’s interests are evaluated as more moral than persons performing the same actions which are not involving those interests. We assume that the underlying mechanism to involve the perceiver’s affective states serving as a complete mediator of the interest-morality relation.

Psychological effects of the agent versus recipient perspective

social cognition, emotions, self-esteem

This project aims at empirical verification of a new, broad theory of social psychology – the Agent-Recipient Model (ARM). ARM starts with a simple observation that each social interaction involves at least two separate perspectives – a point of view of a person performing an action (the agent perspective) and a point of view of person at whom the action is directed and who experiences it outcomes. The two perspectives are complementary and define each other – there cannot be an agent without a recipient (aggression requires both a perpetrator and a victim, similarly helping requires both a person who gives help and a person who receives the help).

Cognitive and emotional consequences of processing diminutives

language, consumer psychology

Together with my advisor doctor Michal Parzuchowski we showed that, although not aware of it, people appraise objects differently depending on the form with they are described. This effect exerts its influence on satisfaction, monetary value and quality of an object.


Ph.D., Social Psychology

2011 – 2016 

Warsaw Univeristy of Social Sciences and Humanities: Warsaw, Poland

Doctoral thesis: Self – interest bias in moral judgment. Advisor: Professor Bogdan Wojciszke.

MA, Social Psychology

2006 – 2011

Warsaw Univeristy of Social Sciences and Humanities: Sopot, Poland

Title of thesis: Cognitive and emotional consequences of processing diminutives. Advisor: Michał Parzuchowski, Ph.D.

BA, Sociology

2003 – 2006

The University of Szczecin: Szczecin, Poland

Title of thesis: Theoretical analysis of violent behaviors among high-school students. Advisor: Professor Teresa Rzepa.

Professional Memberships

  • Polish Association of Economic Psychology
  • Polish Science Journalists’ Associaction
  • Association for Psychological Science
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  • European Association of Social Psychology
  • Polish Association of Social Psychology

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