From 2013 to 2016 I held Chief Science Officer position at Quantum Lab.

During this period I was responsible for data validation and the scientific basis of

Quantum Lab products such as How Are You App, Xpress Engine and ELLEN.

Quantum Lab Co. is a company set up by people who share the same idea. We want to teach computers how people feel and we know which way is the best to achieve it. We track, measure and analyze emotions and moods using different methods and technologies based on science and psychology. We have branches in USA, Poland and Stockholm. We have been also named as Polish Startup of the Year 2014 in the Central European Startup Awards contests.

Our first product, How Are You App, is devoted to people who suffer from depression and mood disorders. We believe that a mood tracking has a tremendous potential to help people with depression understand what are the primary mood triggers in their life, and how they change their mental health. Recently, HAY App was named as a Top Bipolar App of 2015.

Our second product ELLEN Technology is a revolutionary online tool in the field of market research, which allows to recognize and analyze emotions in real time only on the grounds of facial mimics. Ellen helps market researchers conduct fast and efficient studies about emotional reactions towards TV commercials at respondents’ place. Currently, we are working with clients who act for such Polish brands like Lotos, Play or UPC.

The heart of ELLEN, Xpress Engine, and our third product is a facial expression recognition system allows to read people emotional response from their facial expressions using any modern device with a camera. Xpress Engine can detect such emotions like happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust along with gender and age group. In 2015, Xpress Engine was awarded by European Commission by 50 000 euro grant in the first phase of Horizon 2020.



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